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A full list of the administration services we currently offer

Our solutions include Remote Administration Services at reasonable prices

It can be expensive to employ full time system administrators - why not just pay for what you need?

Any IT solutions for you

We are ready to offer any solutions and fulfill any tasks for your project. If you need a system administrator - we will provide, if you need a programmer - we will overcome, if you need a designer - we will provide.

We offer a full range of services in IT revere. We are ready to accompany your project from its birth to its full development.

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Check out our One-time work and fixed-fee rates

We offer any work type with the services on CentOS, RedHat and Fedora; the other operating systems on the agreement

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Install cPanel Website Management Panel on Server

The installation of OpenVZ or KVM with the use of VDSmanager, Virtuozzo or without the panel. In the case of the panel absence the installation of required disk template: the creation of VPS required configurations and operating systems.

24 3,009.07 RUB ORDER

Server settings for Bitrix cms

the optimisation of settings for the best work with CMS Bitrix. The other CMS are also availiable.

24 2,256.80 RUB ORDER

Server settings

Software version update, php application method, some problems resolution

24 2,256.80 RUB ORDER

1 hour of system administrator work

Any work on the server with hourly pay

1 1,504.53 RUB ORDER

Check out our One-time work and fixed-fee rates

We are ready to offer system administration packages monthly for servers demanding the regular control. Those tariffs include timely update of required server software, weekly verification for performance and hack problems. Besides, the server monitoring will be installed on the server so that we will find and solve the problem ourselves.

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Server Maintenance

Regular maintenance and server monitoring or VDS. 3 hours a month are included

3 4,513.60 RUB ORDER

High-loaded project Maintenance

Loading optimization and delicate server configuration with visited project

24 6,018.13 RUB ORDER

Hosting Server Maintenance

That tariff is optimal for hosters. It includes the initial server configuration for maximum differentiation of users (mpm-itk or php-cgi), analytical tool installation for users’ load on the server, spam detection possibility.

24 6,018.13 RUB ORDER

VDS Node Maintenance

The tariff for VPS hosters who use Virtuozzo, OpenVZ or KVM as a virtualization technology. 5 hours of VDS node and virtual machines work are included, that allows your clients not to worry about their GVA problems

5 5,265.87 RUB ORDER

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

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Yes. We provide DDoS protection on Arbor and Cisco equipment. In addition, if DDoS level L7 goes to your site, we are ready to offer our solutions for filtering such attacks.
The total bandwidth of the communication channels is 2.02 Tbs / s. Included are more than 20 different backbone providers around the world. More in detail you can read about our Data Center in Germany.
We strive to constantly improve our network infrastructure, today our Uptime is 99.99%
Yes, most of the services already include backup, if you use the dedicated service we will provide you with a backup storage.
Yes, we will always help you to transfer your project or website to our equipment. In addition, we will offer the best solution for him.
It's not a problem. We are ready for you to prepare a business project, and a technical solution for your project. If you want to create a company or postorit your business in IT, we will help you.
Our specialists will help you, and we can take full care of the shadowy concerns, while you only need to be engaged in marketing and develop your business by making a significant profit.
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