Temporary frozen reception Webmoney

Hello, the payment for the WebMoney system has been temporarily suspended.

9th Aug 2017
change of the address of the personal cabinet

We notify you about the change of the address of the personal cabinet. Previously, the address was https://cabinet.wishhost.net/clientarea.php

Please note, now our website wishhost.net is integrated with the client management system, the client's personal cabinet is located at the new address https://wishhost.net/clientarea.php

8th Aug 2017
VPS KVM with IPv6 protocol support

For all VPS servers based on KVM successfully connected Ipv6 protocol, you can order up to 5 Ipv6 per 1 VPS.

28th May 2017
Giving up to $ 30 on the balance!

WishHost.net company cares about its customers and provides an opportunity to obtain additional money for personal balance. In order to get a cash bonus, you need to 05.12.2016 on 31.12.2016 years, to replenish the internal balance in excess of $ 20. The bonus amount depends on the amount of replenishment:20-30 $, the customer receives an ... Read More »

5th Dec 2016
Launched a new cluster - cloud3.wishhost.net

Launched a new cluster - cloud3.wishhost.net virtual hosting services. This cluster is based on CentOS 7.3 using the Business panel ISPmanager. Built to accommodate all clients on the Mini tariff, Budget Hosting

30th Nov 2016
The new backup system

We launched a new backup system. Older still available (copies) for 1 week, we will remove it. New more productive.

4th Oct 2016
WishHost offers comprehensive protection against DDoS-attacks

Wishhost.net offers comprehensive protection against DDoS-attacks Unfortunately DDoS-attacks (distributed denial-of-service / distributed denial of service) have become part of everyday life IT-sector. With this attack, thousands of false requests are sent to the server to overload channels of communication and server resources. Often a large ... Read More »

1st Sep 2016
The new budget line tariffs! From $ 0.85 per month!

After numerous requests from customers, we have created a line for budget web hosting solutions. If you need hosting for a simple website or business cards, these tariffs will be to your taste! Mini-SSD-Econom 5GB places on the SSD drivephp can select 5.2-7.0Sites on 1 accountMySQL - Databases 2 $ 0.85 USD per month ... Read More »

13th Jul 2016
До 30$ на счет в подарок!

Компания WishHost.net заботится о своих клиентах и дает возможность дополнительно получить деньги на личный баланс. Для того что бы получить денежный бонус, вам необходимо с 23.03.2016 по 31.03.2016 года, ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2016
Поднятие цены на услуги виртуального хостинга

С 01.03.2016 мы вынуждены поднять цены на услугу виртуального хостинга. Связано это со сменой инфраструктуры. Ранее мы использовали SATA HDD для серверов, на сегодня мы на всех серверах установили ... Read More »

14th Feb 2016

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