Super fast hosting at Plesk!

We are glad to announce super fast hosting based on AMD Ryzen 9 processor and Plesk Obsidian control panel. Hosting is built on fast NVMe SSD Data Center edition, which provide access to your data faster than SSD drives. All this is built on CloudLinux 7.8 (with a hybrid core from Cloudlinux 8), and is protected by the infium 360 complex from ... Read More »

13th May 2020

In view of the momentary developments we are all facing unusual challenges. We at WishHost are analyzing the situation with each new day and taking action to hinder the spreading of the Coronavirus in our sphere of influence. Many of our colleagues are currently taking care of your issues from their home office. Our service personnel is working ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2020
New CentOS 8 Template Added to Virtual Servers

Now CentOS 8 is available for installation on all virtual servers rented from us

25th Feb 2020
Unscheduled technical work

Hello, today in the period from 11:00 to 00:00 emergency technical work will be carried out on the equipment. VPS servers that have addresses in the range: and 10-15 minutes will not be available. We apologize for the inconvenience


21st Feb 2020
Added php 7.4 support for hosting

On all web hosting servers, a new version of php 7.4 has been added

13th Feb 2020
Promotion! We give 30% when funding your personal account

First of all, we Express our gratitude to you for choosing our company as your business partner! Our company for a long time did not hold any promotions for our favorite customers, we are in a hurry to fix it. We are launching a campaign " +30% to the balance!"Today time loan-to 10.12.2019 - 20.12.2019 you have the opportunity to accumulate ... Read More »

9th Dec 2019
Nodes on AMD Ryzen 7 3700X are launched

New nodes based on AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processors were put into operation. Which are perfect for games and other highly loaded projects. To order

22nd Nov 2019
Updated templates for Debain 8/9

Updated templates for Debain 8 and 9 operating systems and added a Debian 10 image for installation on VPS

6th Oct 2019
Updated OS templates to relevant

On all nodes, CentOS family OS templates were updated, namely, templates were added: centos-6.9-wishhost-x86_64.img centos-7.7-wishhost-x86_64.img centos-7.7-wishhost-kernel5.3-x86_64.img Custom assembly templates optimized. There were shortcomings in past patterns, these were fixed, increased resistance to loads and optimized work on the new ... Read More »

5th Oct 2019
New DNS servers

New DNS servers: -

25th Sept 2019
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