Updated management interface Dedicated server

The portal for the clinics was significantly updated. Among the updates, you can pay attention to a new interface management bare metal servers. We added more output of the necessary information and added many needed functions. You can fully manage the server, reinstall the operating system, restart the server, access iLO or IPMI (ipKVM), manage ... Read More »

19th Jun 2018
New possibility to rent a server for 1-3-6-12 months. Discounts

You can rent dedicated server now for a period of 1 to 12 months in one payment. When renting a server from 3 months or more, you get a discount.The higher the lease term, the greater the discount.If you do not find a suitable server for your purposes, we are ready to pick up for you any configuration of the processor, disks and RAM. We also ... Read More »

2nd May 2018
PayPal is again active

Dear Clients! The possibility of paying for PayPal is again active. All payments are made automatically through our billing system. Our PayPal account is a share of pay@wishhost.net (payment@wishhost.net - temporarily not available)

13th Sep 2017
Temporary problems with PayPal payment direction

Hello, we have some difficulties with payment via paypal. We solve these problems, please observe complete peace of mind, if you have difficulties with payment, please contact support. Thank you

5th Sep 2017
New branded servers from HP and DELL

We are starting to introduce new branded servers from world manufacturers HP and DELL. On all servers it is possible to order an additional 32 IP addresses of IPv4, see the server offers in more detail:

2nd Sep 2017
Temporary frozen reception Webmoney

Hello, the payment for the WebMoney system has been temporarily suspended.

9th Aug 2017
change of the address of the personal cabinet

We notify you about the change of the address of the personal cabinet. Previously, the address was https://cabinet.wishhost.net/clientarea.php

Please note, now our website wishhost.net is integrated with the client management system, the client's personal cabinet is located at the new address https://wishhost.net/clientarea.php

8th Aug 2017
VPS KVM with IPv6 protocol support

For all VPS servers based on KVM successfully connected Ipv6 protocol, you can order up to 5 Ipv6 per 1 VPS.

28th May 2017
Giving up to $ 30 on the balance!

WishHost.net company cares about its customers and provides an opportunity to obtain additional money for personal balance. In order to get a cash bonus, you need to 05.12.2016 on 31.12.2016 years, to replenish the internal balance in excess of $ 20. The bonus amount depends on the amount of replenishment:20-30 $, the customer receives an ... Read More »

5th Dec 2016
Launched a new cluster - cloud3.wishhost.net

Launched a new cluster - cloud3.wishhost.net virtual hosting services. This cluster is based on CentOS 7.3 using the Business panel ISPmanager. Built to accommodate all clients on the Mini tariff, Budget Hosting

30th Nov 2016