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Professional Cloud Hosting

Professional business hosting with DDoS protection

from $2.90 mo.

  • SSD drives DC class
  • Unlimited sites
  • MySQL , E-mail, ftp – Unlimited
  • php to choose from – 5.2-7.0
  • ISPmanager Business
  • CloudLinux
  • DDoS protection

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Budget Shared Hosting

A great solution for virtual hosting several sites

from $0.85 mo.

  • 5 GB SAS place under the site
  • Set Multiple Sites
  • MySQL 5.5
  • php to choose from – 5.2-7.0
  • ISPmanager Business
  • CloudLinux
  • DDoS protection

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VPS (KVM) server

Virtual server virtualization based on KVM

from $10 mo.

  • KVM virtualization!
  • The core of the 3.6 Ghz
  • DDR 4 ECC
  • SSD RAID 10
  • IPv4 + IPv6
  • Administration
  • DDoS protection

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Dedicated servers

Complete powerful server for any projects

from $50 mo.

  • Modern Intel Processors
  • Connect 1 gigabit
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • IPv4 + IPv6
  • Set the server control panel
  • Full control on the server
  • DDoS protection

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Our servers are equipped with top-end SSD Disk from the company Intel , which operate in the array RAID 10 , to improve the speed and reliability

Immediately after payment you get a full hosting service, everything is automated as much as possible.

DNS servers own network in different countries provides the fastest possible access and safety for your sites

Modern server hardware from major brands Dell, HP. Powerful processors from Intel and the use of industrial-grade SSD.

Daily backups, it is your protection against force majeure situations!

WishHost protects client web applications, sites, services and IT infrastructure from attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDoS)

All servers are connected to a gigabit communication channels, and the largest traffic exchange points in Europe. Excellent Ping to all countries in Europe and the US

CloudLinux provides maximum stability and speed for customers, as well as complete isolation

Using ISPmanager Business professional panel ensures ease of use hosting services

Where the server is physically located?

Physically, our equipment is located in Germany and partly in Russia and Ukraine. (DNS Network)

Whether you're working under a contract?

Yes, we can conclude a contract and work by wire transfer. For further details please contact technical support.

Do you provide DDoS protection?

Yes, all our services are protected against DDoS attacks at the network level.

Can I test a service before you buy?

Oh sure. We provide test virtual hosting and VPS services as needed for 14 days. (VPS 1 day)

hosting is powered by – it hybrid virtual hosting a powerful hardware with the use of advanced IT technologies. Why Hybrid? The main problem of shared hosting is the effect of “bad neighbor”. In the context of shared hosting, a customer can “pull the blanket” of resources, because of what your site will slow down or completely open with errors. We solved this problem fundamentally. Hybrid hosting based on the CloudLinux allows you to isolate each customer both in terms of VPS Hosting . You have its own file system, a set of programs and modules. CPU and RAM resources are allocated to you, no one else can use it. Thus our hosting VPS is a great alternative to the administration, at the same time you pay a lot less and not worried about the site – is to take care of our team of system administrators.

In addition to hosting services, we are given services VPS and Dedicated . Virtual servers we provide on the basis of two virtualization technologies – KVM and OVZ. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Service lease of a physical server, is provided with excellent functional customer panel, where you can reinstall the operating system to work with IP addresses (rDNS), reboot and get detailed statistics about network traffic and much more.

For the security of your site, we give free SSL certificate and install it on your server or site.

Our guarantee:

  • We work for more than 8 years in the market;
  • work officially;
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days;
  • We work on SLA ;
  • Guaranteed Uptime;

We work well on websites:


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