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Various types of services for hosting your projects, depending on your requirements, we can offer hosting, virtual server or physical server. In addition, we can individually build cluster solutions for you

Website hosting

from $4.5 /mo.

  • ISPmanager, cPanel
  • NVME m2 SSD
  • Processors 4.5+ Gigahertz
  • Experienced technical support
  • Free site migration


$from 4 /mo

  • KVM virtualization
  • SSD RAID 10
  • 500+ Mbs/s connection
  • Xeon / AMD Epyc
  • Netherlands or Germany

Super fast hosting!

from $4.9 /mo

  • Cpanel+LiteSpeed
  • NVMe SSD Fast drives
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Fast website operation
  • Backup
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Hosting for your website for any task and any pocket

Fast cPanel hosting from 4.5$

Excellent business hosting for a portal or online store based on cPanel panel. Maximum speed, safety and reliability. Convenience for freelancers

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Fast hosting on ISPmanager from 3.9$

Excellent hosting based on the ISPmanager Business panel. For medium-demanding sites. Optimal in terms of price quality ratio

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Budget hosting on ISPmanager from $ 1.2

Excellent budget hosting for non-demanding websites or landing pages. There is a lot of space for the website and a convenient ISPmanager panel

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Several features of working with us


Use of modern software solutions and equipment

We are working officially

We will conclude a contract, provide all the necessary documents. We also conclude international contracts. (USA, Europe)

Customer Support

Competent and responsible customer support. Individual approach to the client.

Design and implementation.

Design and implementation of your project and its further support. Our task is to grow your business

Free and fast transfer

We will transfer your projects carefully and quickly to us absolutely free of charge.

Extensive work experience

We have been working since 2008 and have a fairly extensive knowledge and experience.


NVME SSD and fast processors ensure fast site operation

Immunity 360 Security

A comprehensive solution for the security of your sites. Protection against various attacks, hacking, brute force attacks and parsing

Различные методы оплаты

Оплата Visa/MasterCard, Приват24, LiqPay, оплата через кассу, Qiwi, криптовалюта, PayPal

Among our clients

There are quite a lot of different companies among our clients, both Ukrainian and international. We pay a lot of attention to the service and customer service of the business sector, but we do not forget about others. By hosting websites and complex projects of various directions and levels of complexity.

We have implemented quite a lot of educational projects. In addition to various business projects, we do not forget about the sponsorship of non-profit projects for education.

Our company is an official partner and sponsor of many educational projects in Ukraine.

Our goal is to develop your business and work for results

We started our journey back in 2008. During this time, we have acquired infrastructure, experienced staff and competent specialists, a lot of our own technical developments and satisfied customers.

Working closely with clients, we have excellent experience in designing, implementing and supporting various IT projects for business.

Our main task is to help your business to rise and develop, minimize your costs and optimize the operation of your business.

We are growing together with you!

  • Individual approach to each client

  • We work legally with the provision of all documents

  • We work with the CIS and Europe under a contract

Reviews of our customers

Our clients are quite busy people, but they still left their feedback about our work

Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality web hosting
  • The cPanel control Panel provides extensive functionality for managing and working with your web project.
    Competent and polite technical support will not “unsubscribe”, but will help, advise and solve your problem with the site.
    If necessary, we will provide the necessary package of documents and sign a contract with a “wet” seal.
Secure Hosting
  • Daily updating of the operating system kernel, without restarting the system, allows you to receive security-related updates and at the same time remain always online.
    Imunify360 is a system for automatic detection of server hacking attempts through a user account.
    Protecting user accounts from hacking or virus infection via FTP.
    Imunify360 Scanner of viruses, shells and exploits allows you to quickly detect infection, help find the virus and cure the site.
    Protection of websites from brute force attacks (password selection) on the administrative part. It is configured via the hosting control panel and does not require changes to the source code of the site.
    Protection against the selection of passwords to mailboxes and databases. The IP address from which passwords are selected is automatically blocked.
    Reliable hosting for data storage
    Automatic daily backup of data on the hosting.
    The ability to restore the work of a hosting that has not been paid for a long time, with all the settings and mail.
    Simple and intuitive web hosting for developers and web studios
    The ability to safely delegate access to the hosting control panel to programmers who work with the project.
    The ability for web studios to manage a large number of hosting accounts registered to clients through their account.
    Using a special CloudLinux operating system with complete isolation of accounts on the server.
What types of hosting are there?

Depending on the scale of the project and resource requirements, one of the types of hosting may be required:
Virtual hosting is the cheapest and easiest to manage type of hosting, which makes it the most popular. Many viral hosting sites are located on the same server, distributing its resources among themselves. This type of hosting is the most popular for hosting sites.
VPS – unlike virtual hosting, where all server resources are shared among all clients, each client is allocated a certain guaranteed amount of resources on a VPS. Usually this type of hosting is used for projects with increased resource requirements or which have a need to install specific software on the server, which is not possible on a virtual hosting. The disadvantage of VPS is that it needs to be administered independently.
Business hosting is a kind of virtual hosting, but with guaranteed resources as on a VPS. The price of business hosting is higher than that of VPS, as the price includes a convenient control panel, mail and backup on a separate server plus administration. If we take into account the fact that when hosting a website on a VPS, you need to pay for administration, then business hosting is a cheaper solution for sites that go beyond the resources of virtual hosting.
A dedicated server is an excellent solution for hosting corporate sites that have a great need for resources and for which the reliability and stability of the site plays a big role. All server resources are allocated for one site.

What is a hosting provider?

A hosting provider is a company that provides services for hosting websites on its servers. Hosting providers differ in the quality of the services they provide. The main criteria are – the reliability of the hosting provider, the experience of providing hosting services, the quality of technical support, the convenience and functionality of the control panel, the capacity of communication channels, the availability of official registration and the conclusion of a paper contract.

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Мы принимаем оплату через Банк Украины (прямой платеж на расчетный счет), платежи от Юр. лиц на расчетный счет для Европы (валюта евро).

Так же принимаем оплату картами банков (VisaMasterCard)

Принимаем криптовалюту и PayPal.

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