Fast and reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A great solution if you need an independent amount of resources and individual settings. Fast VPS servers based on KVM virtualization technology

VPS Bronze

Economical hosting


  • 2 CPU cores
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 20Gb SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • Optional add RAM and SSD
  • Germany or Finland
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VPS Silver

More power


  • 2 CPU cores
  • 3 Gb RAM
  • 30Gb SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • Optional add RAM and SSD
  • Germany or Finland
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VPS Gold

Great for the store


  • 3 CPU cores
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 40Gb SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • Optional add RAM and SSD
  • Germany or Finland
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VPS Platinum

Portal, online store


  • 4 CPU cores
  • 6 Gb RAM
  • 50Gb SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • Optional add RAM and SSD
  • Germany or Finland
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Virtual Server (VPS/VDS) on KVM

VPS/VDS is a virtual dedicated server. A service in which the power of a physical server is divided into dedicated and isolated parts. At its core, it is a server with its own (independent operating system) and a set of resources (RAM, processor cores, disk resources). You can install any OS on the server, including your own from the ISO image. KVM virtualization technology allows you to achieve maximum performance close to a physical server. At the same time, it gives convenience and convenience of scalability.

Reinstalling the OS, on our servers, takes place with one mouse click in the control panel, and in 10-15s
Each virtual server has its own separate Ip address, VNC console, the ability to increase server resources at a convenient time for you.

  • Xeon/AMD Epic processors (3+ Gigahertz)

  • There are VPS servers based on Intel I9 and AMD Ryzen

  • Paid and free administration and maintenance

  • Accommodation Germany and Finland

More resources?

If the regular tariff is not enough for you, you can change the number of RAM and Disk both at the order stage and after, as well as change the tariff to a higher one.

All virtual servers receive resources in full without overselling. Since we have our own cluster, we can move servers and thereby evenly distribute the load on the physical servers, which eliminates the problem of node overload.

  • Individual approach to each client

  • We work with the provision of documents

  • We work with the CIS and Europe under a contract

  • Backup with the possibility of individual configuration

  • Usage NVMe Gen3x4 RAID 1 Solid State DRIVE

  • Processors with a core frequency of 3.5 Gigahertz

  • The ability to add RAM and disk to the server

  • Paid and free administration and maintenance

  • Individual solutions

Among our clients

We started our journey back in 2008. During this time, we have acquired infrastructure, experienced staff and competent specialists.

Working closely with clients, we have excellent experience in designing, implementing and supporting various IT projects for business.

Our main task is to help your business to rise and develop, minimize your costs and optimize the operation of your business.

We are growing together with you!

Installing the OS in 20 seconds !

Reinstalling the OS is automated and takes place in 20 seconds! Using modern technological solutions, we have achieved rapid deployment of the server and installation of the OS for it.

In addition, you can install the OS you need yourself, using an ISO image and VNC access.

We offer a wide range of services for you

Our company offers a lot of various comprehensive services for outsourcing, administration, project design and support


Design and outsourcing

We will design and coordinate the project with you


Conclusion of the contract

We will provide all the necessary documents for accounting


Implementation and maintenance

We will implement a ready-made project with full support

Our specialists will transfer all your sites to us without any problems, just write a request!

Migration of your website to us without any problems!

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