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The beginning of our activity in the field of IT lies back in 2007, when we hosted several sites of friends on the server. Further in 2008, we started our activity as a hosting provider, which we are actively engaged in to this day.
Our main task is to ensure the growth and development of your IT business. After all, we are growing together with you.

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A little story

Our journey into business began a long time ago, back in 2007, when we launched our first server to host several friends’ websites. A year later we started working as a website hosting provider. Since 2010, we have been working officially with legal clients and large companies. We have come all this way with a humane and individual approach to the client. Over the years, we have implemented quite a lot of complex projects. Our team has been formed over the years and we understand each other perfectly. The main goal of our work is to provide your project, commercial or non-commercial, with good service and friendly attitude. We are interested in your development and the development of your business, because we are growing together with you.

What products/services do we provide?

We provide a fairly wide range of services. These include classic services: hosting for hosting a website, domain name registration, virtual server rental, physical server rental, website development.

But in addition to these services, we are ready to design an individual server service for you and provide it with constant technical support.

Corporate email, backup storage and many others.

Technological solutions and Data Center

Our entire infrastructure is located in several data centers in Europe, namely the Hetzner data center and the WorldStream Data Center (Naldvijk) in the Netherlands.

Hetzner data centers, which has three data centers at its disposal in Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany, Vogtland) and Helsinki (Finland), provide an outstanding and environmentally friendly infrastructure for our business. Multiple redundancy of connections to important Internet traffic exchange points provides fast access to your site, regardless of whether you have chosen a dedicated, managed or virtual server.

WorldStream Data Center, Netherlands (Naldwijk)

Worldstream was founded in 2006 and is well known as an Internet service Provider (ISP) for thousands of customers worldwide.

Worldstream is an organization with many years of experience and highly qualified personnel.

Technical specialists create the most secure hosting conditions for all applications and services. One of the advantages of Worldstream is the desire to find the most cost–effective solutions.

The company has grown by more than 800% over the past 5 years and is currently one of the fastest growing hosting companies in Europe.

Worldstream has given priority to its own production equipment by building a highly secure Greenhouse data center. The data center was built in accordance with the Tier3 classification. The total area of the center is 1500 m2, with a capacity of 216 server racks.

The data center is equipped with highly efficient uninterruptible power supplies. In case of failure, the UPS system can provide 10 minutes of operation in the full load mode of the center. At the same time, emergency generators are started automatically and can provide the data center with power for 96 hours.

Why do we say infrastructure? Because over the years, we have created our own small virtual data center. We have our own 6 DNS servers located in different GEO locations, as well as separate DNS servers for ptr records of our subnets (we are announcing our own networks in the data center), our own gateways through which we conduct traffic, an email cluster, storage for backups and data, web nodes and nodes for virtual servers.
A lot can be said and described, but the bottom line is that we have the technical capabilities and experienced staff to provide maximum quality in our services. In addition, we can adapt very flexibly to the needs and requirements of almost any demanding client.

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